Here is a quote I wanted to reflect on with you all from a book series I love!

“I wanted to believe anything so that I wouldn’t have to face the future alone. The problem with wanting is that it makes us weak.” – Bardugo

I think we often face a period in life where we are confused, and are susceptible to manipulation. We want that feeling of being secure, of not having to face hardships alone. However, all of us are not always granted with that luxury.

I do think that wanting can weaken us, but I also think it’s what gives us strength. We have to go through points where we are confused and alone, to get to the points where we are not. It is a struggle that strengthens us.

That’s why I love this quote because there is so much meaning and contradiction to it. Being weak is what we need to feel strong.

So want, lean, fall, rise, laugh, love to be strong. Because it is inevitable.

Good luck on finals everyone!


It’s a Fragile Thing…

Here is an excerpt from my journal I wanted to share:

“If you could hold it in the palm of your hand you would crush it. If you told it a lie, it would mistrust you. If you denied it air, it wouldn’t beat. And if you broke it, it would die.

See it’s a fragile thing that I put in your hands. It beats, it trusts, it loves, it listens and it lies. But, most importantly it heals.

It is the one place where scars are not seen & those few who are fortunate enough to know they are there, soon forget. And eventually you do too. You allow it over and over to lead, though it shouldn’t. And so it breaks again; chipping away another piece. These pieces don’t come back.

And yet you still hold it in the palm of your hand, until my heart beats for its last time.”

Have a good rest of the week!



For the past couple of years I have spent Thanksgiving with my Dad up in Maine, but this year I am spending it with my Mom here in Vermont.

I am excited to switch it up, and go to my Dad’s for Christmas instead. However, it’s hard because I have been with my Mom in Vermont for almost every Christmas. Though I look forward to a new change!

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays because we get a chance to remember what we are thankful for, and spend time with our loved ones!

I think we have to take the good out of a situation no matter how hard it seems, and be thankful we have these moments to share with our family and friends. No matter where we are in the world!

I hope you all have a fantastic Thanksgiving, and eat lots of food!



My Dad is coming up this Friday to pick me up from school! It has been about 6 months since I have seen him, since he lives in Maine with my Step-Mother and siblings.

It’s hard not having him here all the time, but he is still always there for me! And I can’t wait to show him around JSC!

Unfortunately, he leaves Saturday, but even hanging with him for a day and a half will be really nice! We will probably get to go eat at a restaurant of my choosing, and see a movie. Seeing how are favorite thing to do is go and see new movies!

It will be really great having my Dad around, and I can’t wait to go up to Maine over Christmas break, and see the rest of my family as well!

Have a nice Thanksgiving break everyone!


Rip To My Favorite Blue Jeans Poem…

I recently had to throw away my favorite blue jeans, so here is a poem I wrote about them!

Rip To My Favorite Blue Jeans: 

Rip to my favorite blue jeans,

who were apart of me.

Who went on every adventure,

good or bad.

Who comforted me in times of,


Who fit,


Who were always there for me,

when I needed them most.

Rip to my favorite blue jeans,

I guess it’s time I set you free.

My Passion!

As Dance Team time approaches my high school at this time, I’d thought I would post about it!

Dance has been a huge part of my life since I was four. I remember how shy I was as I was learning my passion. Dance took me from that shy girl to the more confident person I am today! It has taught me discipline, listening skills, team work, responsibility and so much more. However, it truly isn’t without the amazing people in my life who gave me this opportunity, and supported me the whole way through!

Since day one my parents have been there supporting my dreams. And without them I wouldn’t have learned how valuable loyalty and family is. I would also not be here without my coaches and friends as well!

I made so many friendships and connections with people over my years dancing! And many of those connections I still have today!

Dance is forever my passion! It is the way I express myself, and truly lose myself in something I love!

Doing the Impossible!

This has recently become a new favorite quote of mine because lately I have felt like there are so many obstacles that are in my way. Many of those obstacles unfortunately are ones created by myself. I have been getting in the way of my passion, by believing that I can’t do it. And with so many people who are going to tell me I can’t or people who are going to try and knock me down, I have to become my greatest supporter. In the end, I am only going to hurt myself if I don’t have faith in myself to accomplish the impossible.

I never thought I would join Field Hockey or Dance Team in high school, and I did. I never thought I was going to make it out of my parent’s divorce in one piece, and I did.

There are so many things I have accomplished while believing in myself, and at a very vulnerable point I am in my life right now as a young adult, I need to remember to still believe in myself.

Because “the greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do.”

Gateway Poem

Here is a poem I wrote not too long ago that I thought I’d share!


The gateway to my heart has been


And I am not ready to reopen it


no password,


or magic spell,

shall unlock that gate.

And though my heart may beat a

Different tune.

Once the gate is shut,

the door to my heart is


First Blog Post/Adam Braun Keynote Speaker!

Hello Fellow Bloggers!

Having finally gotten my blog to work, I can’t wait to share my thoughts with you! I hope to make my blog a way to inspire others through creativity! Whether it be sharing pieces of writing, photos, art or life experiences, it is a way for me to share art with all of you!

And if you all were lucky enough to listen to Adam Braun tonight, I hope he inspired all of you in some way! I was fortunate enough to go to the dinner for him tonight, and I loved hearing him share his thoughts, but also ask others about theirs. He truly spoke in a way that resonated with me, and my will to accomplish my dreams! I hope to find some way to contribute to his organization! And I hope you all do too!

I look forward to sharing more with you all!